“I am South African born, with a huge Indian bloodline. I moved to New Zealand 20 years ago and in my adult years, I have found myself using 4 to 5 different spices and enhancers in order to create the perfect spicy meal I grew up on back home. Since finding Marlaina’s Jerk Seasoning, the spice rack is now empty and only 1 spice remains!! MARLAINA’S JERK SEASONING is, without doubt, the best spice anyone could own. It captures every element of mouth-watering satisfaction from the spicy heat, salty tones, acidic elements and peppery notes all in one little bottle. Affordably priced, stunning eye-catching design and easy to use recipe guides, there is no other that can compare! It should be called the TRANSFORMER SEASONING, as that is what is does! It takes everyday food and turns it into an Island Gourmet Meal. It doesn’t last very long in my household as we use it on everything. Simple pumpkin soup is transformed to a winter warmer heaven; chicken, pork and beef dishes become sizzling and exciting, and 2-minute noodles become elevated by this seasoning. A little goes a long way, and I will never be without it. My kids love it on their chips and salads, and everyone I see always hears about this seasoning. I will continue to spread to word!”

– Niquay


“My partner and I love using spices in our cooking and have fallen in love with Marlaina’s seasonings, in particular, the Hot Jerk Seasoning with its deliciously hot kick! As soon as it hits your mouth you start salivating, it is utterly delicious! I have recently been trying winter warmer dishes and have found it fantastic to add to slow-cooked roast beef, on chicken and fish dishes, roast potatoes and vegetables, and in soups and stews. I have found it a great addition to my spice rack and love how I can find a way to add it to nearly any dish I make, it is a one-stop-shop that never fails to satisfy.”

– Christina

“I come from an African/Indian background as far as food is concerned. So good food for me is always spicy, always tasty and always makes my taste buds sing a symphony of delight. I have found all these qualities in one single spice: Marlaina’s Jerk Seasoning spice.

With its delicate hint of curry, the challenging bite of chilli powder, chilli flakes and peppercorns balanced by the piquant lemon pepper and my all time favourite ingredients of garlic herb, it is a perfect example of delicious ingredients in one harmonious whole.

It enhances any dish from meat to fish, pizza, salads and chips. In fact it’s just great on its own. Try sprinkling a bit on your hand and licking it off. Your taste buds will create their own music of delight. Marlaina’s amazing Jerk Seasoning Spice. Flavour extraordinaire!!”

– Helen

“I have to admit I’m not a great cook, so finding Marlaina’s Jerk Seasoning has been fantastic for me. I can confidently add it to my stirfrys or pizza, and know that it is going to give it a spicy kick and complex flavours. It is the perfect blend, all in one bottle – making it easy and affordable to make yummy meals for my family.”

– Amanda

Ever since I received my first jar of Marlaina’s Kitchen Jerk Seasoning, I find myself putting it on everything and having it in my handbag. Also important for me being vegetarian, is that it is completely vegetarian Seasoning yet so full of taste, it makes everything that bit extra! I have converted many people to it too.

– Sunita

I am lucky enough to get to taste Marlaina’s food creations. She did a chicken dish the other night for my family with her new ‘Jerk seasoning’ which was to die for, the flavours were sensational. Thank you Marlaina.

– Sara