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Bowl - Marlaina's Kitchen Seasoning Recipe

Red and White Hot Blue Vein Veg

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 30-40 minutes

Serves: 4-6


½ large marrow cut in thick slices then in half

1 medium pumpkin roughly chopped (skin on)

6 small washed potatoes sliced lengthways

1 large red onion sliced

2-3Tbsp crumbled Blue vein cheese

1 Heinz pasta lasagne

1 jar sweet chilli hot sauce

1 tin tomatoes

2Tbsp of Marlaina’s Premium Jerk Seasoning Mild or Marlaina’s Premium Jerk Seasoning Hot

Halloumi sliced

A handful of grated strong cheese

1 cup of vegetable or chicken stock


  1. Turn on oven bake 160 degrees
  2. Prepare a large baking tray
  3. Place onions at the bottom and rest of vegetables place around
  4. Add halloumi in between vegetables
  5. Crumble blue cheese on top
  6. Sprinkle Marlaina’s Premium Jerk Seasoning over top
  7. Pour stock over
  8. Pour cheese lasagne over half and sweet chilli tomatoes over the other half
  9. Sprinkle grated cheese over both halves (optional)
  10. Place in the oven for two hours check vegetables to your liking
  11. Take out of the oven to cool down. Serve as a vegetable dish with rice or with meat

Serving Tips

Try to use vegetables that are in season, this will make for a much better depth of taste.
Try replacing marrow with broccoli or any of your favourite hard veg. This dish is versatile and great as a vegetarian dish served with Marlaina’s Jerlic Bread (Jerk Garlic) or as vegetables served with meat.