Lulu bar cafe restaurant views are spectacular. Looking out directly onto the marina with the magnificent yachts moored is just glorious. A gentle sea breeze fluttering through your hair a true pice of heaven right here on earth. Fiji is a very laid back, and when I say laid back, when being served you actually think they’ve forgotten you. Then they come with their big smiles, friendly faces and a bula (this word has many meanings all positive). This establishment has full alcohol bar and a great menu for everyone. They welcome children have high chairs available. So my advice pass by, let the warm sun and happy atmosphere roll over you and stay in the moment it’s magical. 

Wow and it’s free admission, standing ovation. This magnificently glorious museum is one of the best I’ve visited World Wide. It is just fabulous this is truly an all season, all age activity. Once at the centre you have a ride on a free tram to get to the top. This ride itself is like a Disney affair, the views on the way up are so cool but once you reach the top they are just majestically magnificent. So light, bright and easy to walk round. Heaps of elevators for the less able too plus free internet which is great if you get separated from your group. The gardens are a delight included in this are the beautiful designed water features. We went late afternoon and stayed till sun set, the photographs that you will get will resemble a film set. The higher up you go the better the photographs. I loved the fact that the restaurants and cafe bars on site stayed open till late. You have many choices of exhibitions, we managed to see the Egyptian before it leaves the centre. It was interesting to see how the Egyptian, Greek and Rome cross over. Be sure to check before you make the trip out what exhibitions are on. I highly, highly, highly recommend a visit. 

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